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Music Lessons Eugene, Oregon 

Guitar - Bass - Ukulele - Banjo - Piano

I believe it is necessary to be flexible while teaching. I understand that every student's interests, goals and learning styles vary. As an instructor I teach accordingly with custom made lesson plans that cater to who you are as a student. Music lessons will always provide rigid instruction around rudimentary music skills such as note reading and rhythm. However, this will always be taught in conjunction with what you want to learn. The goal is to inspire, all while increasing the students musical awareness and accessing higher levels of music expression. Whether you are studying to pursue therapeutic/recreational goals or studying to pursue professional endeavors I will help you get where you want to be.

All ages welcome!



B.S. Music

University of Oregon

I received the bulk of my high level musical training from U of O. This included history, theory, aural training, piano pedagogy and classical technique. 



Army School of Music

One of my more unique trainings. At the Army School of Music I spent time learning show concepts and how to get an audience engaged. 


A.A. Digital Audio

Santa Rosa Junior College

My first degree is in digital audio. I am highly skilled with Ableton and have skills that include mixing, mastering and general production. During this period of time I worked with commercial recording studios and high profile live sound events.

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