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Hi! I'm Noah.

I began my musical journey when I was child. Like many of my peers I grew up in a musical family, taking lessons, and constantly being pushed to compose and perform. During high school I began to find my place in the musical world and began to perform with jazz bands on guitar and banjo. After that I attended Santa Rosa Junior College where I studied Audio Engineering and Composition.


During this time I had the opportunity to work at Prairie Sun Recording Studios as an engineer (Wu-Tang Clan, Tom Waits, Journey, Delta Spirit, etc). Following this, I moved to Oregon to finish a Bachelors in Music from the University of Oregon where I began my general music studies in ear training, theory, sound art, and performance techniques. During my time there I studied under David Case on classical guitar.


To take things a step further I successfully auditioned for the 234th Army Band in 2017. I have since been performing for diplomats, generals, mobilization ceremonies on percussion, guitar and banjo.


Fast forward to today, I am teaching full time, performing, and working on music production.


A musical life is a happy life!



B.S. Music

University of Oregon

I received the bulk of my high level musical training from U of O. This included history, theory, aural training, piano pedagogy and classical technique. 



Army School of Music

One of my more unique trainings. At the Army School of Music I spent time learning show concepts and how to get an audience engaged. 


A.A. Digital Audio

Santa Rosa Junior College

My first degree is in digital audio. I am highly skilled with Ableton and have skills that include mixing, mastering and general production. During this period of time I worked with commercial recording studios and high profile live sound events.

My Music

Conflicts with Caribou is my folk outfit. Active 2018-2022

Mustard Greens is my current artist persona; Hip Hop forward Jazz.


I'm always looking for new teaching opportunities

707 494 0979

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