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About Me

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I began my musical journey when I was child. Like many of my peers I grew up in a musical family, taking lessons, and constantly being pushed to compose and perform. During high school I began to find my place in the musical world and began to perform with jazz bands on guitar and banjo. After that I attended Santa Rosa Junior College where I studied Audio Engineering and Composition. During this time I had the opportunity to work at Prairie Sun Recording Studios as an engineer (Wu-Tang Clan, Tom Waits, Journey, Delta Spirit, etc). Following this, I moved to Oregon to finish a Bachelors in Music from the University of Oregon where I began my general music studies in ear training, theory, sound art, and performance techniques. During my time there I studied under David Case on classical guitar. To take things a step further I successfully auditioned for the 234th Army Band in 2017. I have since been performing for diplomats, generals, mobilization ceremonies on percussion, guitar and banjo. Fast forward to today, I am teaching full time, performing, and working on music production. A musical life is a happy life!

Philosophy On Teaching

The study of music is a journey that explores all things that inspire the creation of sound. The ultimate goal of music instruction is for the student to take concepts such as music theory, music history, emotional capacity and apply them to your life and interests thus creating a very personal experience with music. A musical life is a happy life!


I believe it is necessary to be flexible while teaching. I understand that every student's interests, goals and learning styles vary. As an instructor I teach accordingly with custom made lesson plans that cater to who you are as a student. Music lessons will always provide rigid instruction around rudimentary music skills such as note reading and rhythm. However, this will always be taught in conjunction with what you want to learn. The goal is to inspire, all while increasing the students musical awareness and accessing higher levels of music expression. Whether you are studying to pursue therapeutic/recreational goals or studying to pursue professional endeavors I will help you get where you want to be.



"Noah is amazing. We enthusiastically recommend him to anyone looking for an accomplished teacher who is patient and inspiring."

- Leah Casper

"Noah is a delightful music teacher. He creates a fun learning atmosphere with his patient, encouraging spirit."

Anna Baio

Noah is a fantastic teacher and an amazing musician. He is patient and takes time to really focus on helping me improve where I struggle most. - Travis Bee

"Noah is an exceptional instructor. He is very intuitive in his level of engagement, speed of progress and interest, and has a keen eye for spotting development and roadblocks."

- Andrew Scheyer

"We've been SO pleased with my son's guitar lessons with Noah. Noah is positive, patient, and very talented. He challenges kids to learn the craft of music, not just read the notes."

Rebekah Reaksecker

"Noah has a passion for teaching, and for music, and it shows. I am an older student, with some music training in my distant past, and he quickly figured out where I was and what I needed to get started again."

- Sarah Peters

Have Questions?

What ages do you work with?

I work will students of all ages. On any given day I am working with students between the ages of 5 and 85. Literally!

Where is your studio?

I teach out of Harmony Roadhouse which is located at 1645C Oak st. Very centrally located for the Eugene Metro.

Do you teach online?

I do! Online teaching is around to stay. I have always have a few students who continue to work with me while living abroad.

Do you offer performing opportunities?

Yes! I offer studio recitals twice a year. 

What skill levels do you work with?

I work with all skill levels. If it turns out you are beyond my teaching level I will refer you to another teacher and will not charge.  

How does billing work?

Billing happens once a month. I bill for the month in advance. You can either pay using Check, Venmo or with a C/C with a 3% fee.

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