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Ukulele Lessons

Picture this. You're having a beach day. You grab a hat, blanket, cooler, ad most importantly a ukulele! Since you took lessons for a year you know all of your favortie songs, and even enjoy composing when you feel inspired to do so. If this at all sounds appealing you are in the right place! Ukulele lessos are such a great way to bring music to you and your families life. 

Our first lesson will be spent discussing your goals, ambitions, and skill set. From there I will craft a personalized curriculum that fits our needs. Want to learn Jimi Hendrix riffs? Sure! Want to learn new jazz voicing's? You got it! Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve will be achieved, and more. 

We will then discuss practice! Something that is generally not taught in lessons. Lessons help, but ultimately it is up to you to apply these skills. We will then craft a schedule for your learning needs and how to apply what you have been learning. 

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