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Staying Musical During Trying Times

Times are really hard, there is no denying it. 2020 has been such a roller coaster, and there’s not any reason to explain why. We have all been impacted and.. and.. you get the point.

That’s what this article is about. You are reading this because I am assuming you are a musician, or someone in your household is a musician, and maybe they are losing their musical spark. Finding the motivation to practice or even just listening to music, can be really, really hard during times like this. Don’t lose hope! Remember, these times can also be the best of times for self improvement. It’s really just a matter of someone telling you “You can do it!”.

So, let me tell you a few ways to keep music in your life, and how to keep growing as a musician.

1) Lessons

Yes, I know. I am selling lesson. And now you are about to hit the back button. But wait, there’s more!

It doesn’t have to be lessons with me. I truly believe that this is a great way to hold your self accountable if you are trying to keep up your musical skills. It’s similar to hiring a personal trainer. You have the ability and resources to make your own workout routine, but what you really need is someone to help you through the process and make you actually work out!

Taking lessons is the exact same concept. Someone gives you a practice routine, set’s goals, and tells you what areas need the most improvement. And most of all, it provides motivation. Your teacher will be upset if you don’t practice!

2) Workbooks

I really enjoy working out of a book. In fact I’m currently working on “Pumping Nylon” by Scott Tennant. (Which has a super funny cover)

If you are feeling ambitious and maybe a bit bold this is a great option. Especially if you are a more advanced player. But as opposed to lessons, you have to find the motivation to actually work. And that generally is going to be replacing a teacher with a schedule. Routine wins over motivation every time.

There are some con’s of working out of a book. And it’s something I don’t recommend if you are a novice musician. The reason being that you can very easily teach your self the wrong thing.

Contrary to popular belief, unlearning does not exist. All you do is learn the correct way, and hope that the bad habit goes away with time. It’s like putting a band-aid on top of a band-aid.

3) Listen To New Music

This one is my favorite, because it really doesn’t require to much effort 😊

Finding a new artist that you just absolutely love is a fantastic way to reignite your musical spark. This is a great way to find inspiration, and even motivation.

If you ever want to know what I’m listening to these day’s. Send me an email, I would love to share!

Here are a few that I’ve been listening too.


-Wood Brothers

-Conflicts With Caribou

-Punch Brothers

Hip Hop

-Hiatus Kaiyote

-Moon Child


-Corey Wong



-Julien Lage

-Bela Fleck and The Flecktones

That’s all I have for you this week. Don’t lose hope, these times will pass. Music will forever live on!

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