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4 Steps For Having Better Music Lessons

If you are struggling with music lessons, or are about to begin lessons with a new instructor or academy then this article is a must read. Please take these 4 steps into account to help create a better lesson experience.

1) Prepare

This is especially important in the time of COVID-19. The reason for that is because most lessons are being taken online. Being prepared now means printing out the lesson material before the lesson, having a pencil ready, warming up, and tuning. All of this can waste upwards to ten minutes of valuable lesson time. As an instructor I want you to succeed, and excel at a rate you can be happy with. And more importantly I do not want you to think you are wasting your time or money.

2) Take Notes

This is really, really important when it comes to taking private lessons. Your teacher should have a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and as a result may overwhelm you with information. You may not remember everything that was discussed. So, to be on the safe side writing down anything that is interesting or helpful regarding technique, fun facts, or homework assignments will be very helpful for you.

Please know that it is not weird or rude to take notes during lessons. I will happily press pause for a student to take notes.

3) Ask Questions

This is the motto of any good teacher. Asking questions let's me know that you are understanding the material, and are genuinely curious about the topic. It also helps create a more meaningful, and impact lesson time.

If you have trouble coming up with questions, please have a few questions ready for the lesson.

4) Practice

This is arguably the biggest facet that will make private lessons more valuable. You have to set up a practice schedule! Instructors (me) understand that life happens, and some days you just don't want to pick up your instrument. But to improve as a musician, and get closer to your 10,000 hours, you need to practice several times per week.

I recommend setting up a schedule because people tend to rely on motivation as opposed to habit. It is going to be much more effective to practice 5 times a week for 30 minutes rather than the day before the lesson for 3 hours.

Remember, you want the lesson to be looked at as a lesson instead of a guided practice session.

If you are interested in music lessons with Noah Tretter please visit or email us at

I am a skilled instructor on guitar, bass guitar, audio production, ukulele, piano, and banjo.

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