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Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Banjo and Audio Production

Noah Tretter, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Audio Production 

A.A. Digital Audio - Santa Rosa Junior College 

B.S. Music - University of Oregon


Teaching Philosophy:
The goal I have for my students is that they will fall in love with music. From the beginning my students will develop skills in :

-Note reading
-Ear training
-Musical Interpretation
-Confidence and poise
-Attention span and concentration
-Visual and aural memory
-Time management and organizational skills

I primarily focus on popular music styles, but I do offer a classical focus if the student has interests in that realm. I primarily teach via the discovery method; Which makes learning more active so that the students grasp concepts more effectively and develop the ability to learn independently.


I understand that every student's interests, goals and learning styles vary. As an instructor I teach accordingly with custom made lesson plans that cater to who you are as a student. Whether you are studying to pursue therapeutic/recreational goals or studying to pursue professional endeavors I will help you get there.

I began my musical journey when I was child. Like many of my peers I grew up in a musical family, taking lessons, and constantly being pushed to compose and perform. During high school I began to find my place in the musical world and began to perform with jazz bands on guitar and banjo. After that I attended Santa Rosa Junior College where I studied Audio Engineering and Composition. During this time I had the opportunity to work at Prairie Sun Recording Studios as an engineer (Wu-Tang Clan, Tom Waits, Journey, Delta Spirit, etc). Following this, I moved to Oregon to finish a Bachelors in Music from the University of Oregon where I began my general music studies in ear training, theory, sound art, and performance techniques. During my time there I studied under David Case on classical guitar. To take things a step further I successfully auditioned for the 234th Army Band in 2017. I have since been performing for diplomats, generals, mobilization ceremonies on percussion, guitar and banjo. Now I am focusing on teaching and music production.


Opportunities for Students 

I hold Zoom recitals twice a year for students who are interested! And if you are local recitals are held twice a year in various venues in Eugene, Oregon. Collaboration projects will also be available. 

O EP where art thou? I am a man of const

"My kids (ages 10 & 12) have had such a wonderful time learning with Noah. He is patient, kind, and encouraging as well as knowledgeable. He does a great job with beginners -- they are learning so many skills each week. And it has been such a blessing to us that he comes to our home!" -April Brown October 2019 via


Noah teaches out of his studio:

Harmony Roadhouse Music Studios in Eugene, Oregon.

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